(Patrickslim X Ric Hassani X Just Adire)

Group 254

Patrickslim in collaboration with Just Adire featuring Ric Hassani presents the lookbook themed OKUNRIN IGBALODE- “The Modern Man”;
A typical Yoruba man deeply rooted in culture yet sophisticated and fashion oriented.

The decline in the appreciation of locally made fabrics such as Adire and the myth that these fabrics are mostly worn by women in Yorubaland, influenced our group’s exploration of the underlying history behind these fabrics.

Ademola Ogundele, one of our creative directors clarifies that each piece is tailored for fearless individuals to share their unique story with their style.
We share with you our individual colorful summer collections alongside our story and we hope you can share yours through our classical style….

Brand: @patrickslimofficial
Model: @richassani
Stylist: @sheezylion
Photography: @oluwatobbie